Tips for Band Camp

What to bring tp band camp (stars mean these are MUSTS):

  • Sunscreen **** - Don't think you can go without it, and don't think your not going to get a tan if you use it. Trust me, I've gone through all the little comments like "Who smells like coconuts?" or "Who's wearing sunscreen?" But in the end run, you'll be the one smiling because your most likley not going to get SKIN CANCER which is a very serious issue, and you won't have to deal with peeling and being red all over. Slop on the regular liquid sunscreen before camp, bring that, and then bring some spray kind at band camp to reapply during breaks.

  • Sunglasses * - Although you may not be able to wear it all throughout the day, like say when your doing jumping jacks or stretches, they come in handy when having to do attentions while staring in the sun, (even closing your eyes is just as bad) and you might lessen your risk of having eye problems later down the road.

  • Water, Gatorade, and no COKES! **** - Stock up on a lot of this. It's a good idea to bring a mini cooler to stock all your fluids in. Yes, the band staff does supply gatorade and water, but usually there are extra long lines and somtimes you don't have the patience to wait.

  • Hats and Visors * - These are not musts, because sometimes hats can get annoying when doing flag work. but it is a very good idea to bring one at all times. You can get a serious sunburn on your scalp if you have a short hair cut, but sun can penetrate through anything. Girls: if you are growing out your bangs and your hair has a tendency to fall down in a split on your scalp, you need to wear a hat. I've had sunburns on my scalp way too many times than i can say since i grew out my own. This also goes if you decide to put your hair in braids, or pigtails.. but it's best to just wear a pony tail!

  • Ankle socks - This isn't our top priority, but if you are big on not having tan lines and such, this is a good thing to buy before you leave. Plus it's just less hot cotton on your body!
  • Sneakers/ Tennis shoes **** - Never wear sandals or flip flops. You'll get chewed out by your band director and you'll also get either bit by ants, get severe muscle cramps from trying to march heel to toe, and soe on. So wear your sneakers!

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