Tips for Newbies

Basic tips:
  • When doing your speedspins, do you find your self going faster/slower than everyone else, or do you just end up on the wrong side of your body when everyone stops? When you're counting, try landing the silk of the flag on the right side of your body on counts 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and so on. Just keep adding 4 and this should help you. The same principle works when you are doing left handed speed spins, except you land on the left side of your body on these counts.

  • Practice your drop spins against a wall. This will help you from going all over the place with your flag. If your hitting the wall a lot, you are not keeping you flag straight when you spin it. Try going slower and eventually you'll get better and be able to perform better at group-practices.
  • Another fun way to practice your drop spins is by laying down on the ground. This also helps you from moving your flag too much. Plus you have a reason, so you won't get hit in the face. Keep the flag away from your body, and if you feel any bit weak, stop spinning so you don't loose your grip and whop your self one!
  • When doing figure 8's/stirs/betty crockers be sure to keep your arms straight in front of you, not bended at all. This will make the flag work look more sharp when done in a group, and it has a very nice effect.

  • Whenever at a right or left slam, make sure your arm is making a big triangle. Someone should be able to see through your arms.

  • Don't move your elbows all over when doing any kind of spin. These are called "chicken arms."You can control this by pushing your flag a little farther away from your body. I still have trouble with this my self, but remember "It's all in the wrists!" The same goes for rifles and sabres. Even though I don't spin them, a guy that is on it told me to control your elbows and you will be able to do your spins faster.
  • When doing your drop spins, do not spin near your chest. We're not about to fly off anywhere, so lower your flag to your belly button. A lot of people have trouble with this.

  • Whenever you toss your flag in the air, be sure to put your free hand straight at your side. This is the hand that isn't catching the flag immediatly. If you don't do this, you have what you call a limp hand. Your so busy focusing on catching the toss, that you loose all thinking of where your hand is going to be. So sometimes they are all bent and just dangling there, when you don't even notice it. Remember this also when you are doing arm extensions/ when your flag goes behind your back and then back into the front again.

  • It's a good idea to stretch whenever you know your about to do a lot of flag work. Stretch so that you don't cramp and lose grip of your pole.

  • When you are at right shoulder, your flag should be straight in front of your nose. Usually you can tell if your flag is tilted when you focus on it in front of you.

  • When doing drop spins in lines, look at the persons stopper/end of their pole instead of the silk of the flag. Your stopper should follow their stopper.

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  1. This really helps! Thanks so much. This I going to be my first year marching in the color guard and there are people who are making fun of me because I am not doing the moves right or they will just find something to make fun of. So I am on a hunt for things that could help me get better. This really helps. :)