Colorguard Pet Peeves

1. When you are practicing with your equipment and someone walks past and says, "Don't hit me!" If they were afraid of being hit, then they shouldn't have walked past you in the first place.

2. When someone touches, uses, or takes your equipment without asking. Colorguard people are very territorial.

3. When the band director "forgets" to tell the guard about that parade, performance, or competition that the marching band is going to and you don't find out until the day before. Or the morning of, when the guard captain is calling your house at 5 am asking where you are. I was sleeping, thank you very much.

4. When the guard gets blamed for not knowing their work. Maybe if the band would learn their music, then we could actually perform our work without going "I don't remember that part in the music."

5. When we get stuck lugging all our equipment around at winterguard competitions because the band director, again, "forgot" to get us a crew together. Hello, exactly what do they do all day?

6. When bus drivers get mad at you for putting on makeup or changing on the bus. You're thinking, "I have done this before, I'm not going to poke my eye out with the mascara wand. Promise."

7. When you're on the bus and the person in the seat in front of you has their window open. Yes, I did fix my hair before we left, but I guess I'll do it again!

8. When the drill team gets to football games before the band and takes up all the colorguard room, so we have to get squished into bottom row of bleachers, or sit in a single file line down the side, etc.

9. When the guard has to march in front of the band at parades, and we get blamed for walking too fast/slow. We are keeping up with the drum majors, thank you very much!

10. When the colorguard gets the smallest coverage in the yearbook, and even then it's considered lucky to get 3 pictures. We do exist, you know.

11. When you've done really good at competition and the band director doesn't get an announcement made on the intercom. You listen through all the stupid football scores and student council announcements, and then, BAM! the announcements are over and, yet again, there's nothing about colorguard.

12. When your instructor shows you a different toss for the show and you go home and practice all weekend, and get it down perfectly, and then she changes it the next day.

13. When you can never find a place to practice, because cheerleading has the gym, drill team has the commons, and your tarp won't fit in the band hall.

14. When your instructor has to keep things a secret forever; like the show music, what your outfits look like, what the judges had to say, etc.

15. When the band director doesn't know how to work the lift on the equipment truck, so it's midnight after a football game and you're stuck at the high school having to wait while he calls the truck company to get directions.

16. When you're pulling out the floor and setting up your props at a winterguard competition, and they get your name or song wrong, or just flat skip your guard. As if it weren't stressful enough.

17. When you're on the football field, standing at parade attention for the pregame show, and you have to stand there for 15 minutes while they announce all the cheerleaders, the drill team gets on the field, and both of the football teams run out. Umm... why can't we perform and then they do all that?

18. When the announcer at a winterguard competition asks, "Are the judges ready?" and you have to stand perfectly still and smiling for 2 1/2 minutes while some judge gets back from their potty break. That is what the scheduled breaks are for!

19. When you see a winterguard at competition that has brand new outfits, silks, equipment, props, and a professionally done floor. That's great for them, but it sure makes all our duct-taped together props look really sad...

20. When you're running around to get all your equipment set at a football game, and the drum major starts before you're in your spot. How hard would it be to wait another 15 seconds for us to get set?

21. When you're trying to get in the stadium at a winterguard competition, and you're still in your uniform, but they still ask to see your stamp. It's like, "No, I'm not in guard. I just dress up like this for fun." Sure.

22. When you have been at band camp all day, it's 95 degrees outside, and you've had one water break. There are child labor laws, you know.

23. When you are trying to make a line, diagonal, or arc, and there is that one person who is blatantly sticking out and refuses to get themselves in line. Are they trying to ignore it, or can they really not tell?!?!

24. When the colorguard class doesn't get advanced credit, even though we practice WAY more than the top band, that does get advanced credit. Who are the ones that give up school nights, weekends, major school events, and school holidays??? Who seems most deserving???

25. When the cheerleaders take up all the room on the bulletin boards with their posters for tryouts that were LAST WEEK! We're not rude enough to take them down, so we just have to tape ours to the walls.

26. When that somebody on the team who always fails expects to have their spot back when they miraculously pass. Umm, no, you missed your chance back in SEPTEMBER!!!!

27. When the pit percussion has their equipment WAY over the front sideline. Do you realize we have flags that go there???

28. When those same pit percussion people MOVE your equipment off of the front sideline (for whatever reason) and don't put it back! Hello, it was there for a reason!

29. When you don't have time to go shopping at competitions. If this is how I am going to spend my whole high school life, then I want to have a whole wardrobe/letterjacket to prove it!

30. When somebody always complains, "I don't get it, I give up, I don't want to practice, etc." If you didn't think colorguard was hard work, then you've got a new thing coming!

31. When your director or officers won't call people out for doing something wrong. Colorguard is not the place to worry about hurting other people's feelings... we can take it! When leaders won't call people out, those people stay oblivious to their mistakes, and the guard looks bad. Believe me, we will understand and not take it personally when we get told to fix something!